About the Video Generation Failed Event

The video_generation_failed event is triggered when a video generation process fails in Argil. This webhook event provides your service with a payload containing detailed information about the failed generation.

Payload Details

When this event triggers, the following data is sent to your callback URL:

  "event": "video_generation_success",
  "data": {
    "videoId": "<video_id>",
    "videoName": "<video_name>",
    "videoUrl": "<public_url_to_access_video>",
    "extras": "<additional_key-value_data_related_to_the_video>"


You can specify filters to limit when this webhook fires. For example, you might only want to receive the video_generation_failed event for videos with specific characteristics:

  • videoId: Only triggers for the specified video ID.
  • nameSearchQuery: Triggers for videos whose names contain the specified string.
  • extrasFilters: Key-value pairs that must match the video’s extras.

For detailed instructions on setting up this webhook event, visit our Webhooks API Reference.